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Q: How to start?
Download Cool Photo Transfer Server app to your Windows PC

Download and install Cool Photo Transfer app to your Android phone


Download and install Cool Photo Transfer app to your Windows Phone

Make sure you have an active WiFi connection and you've connected your PC and your Android/Windows phone to the same WiFi network.

You can also use your Android phone's "tethering" feature or Windows Phone's "Internet Sharing" feature if you have not a WiFi modem. Just go to the Settings->Wireless and Network->Tethering on your Android phone and enable tethering. And for Windows Phone please go to the Settings->Internet Sharing and enable it. Then connect your PC to the new network you've just created.

Run Cool Photo Transfer Server app on your PC. (At first use, Windows will ask you whether you want to allow this application or not. You need to allow because Cool Photo Transfer app on your phone needs to communicate with the PC by this server app)

Run Cool Photo Transfer on your Android/Windows phone.


If you're using the Paid version, the app tries to connect to PC automatically at app startup.

Otherwise, you can tap the "Not Connected" area or

for Android: tap the gear icon at the upper right of the screen and select Connect from the menu.

for Windows Phone: tap the menu icon at the upper left of the screen and tap Connect from the menu.


Be sure Cool Photo Transfer Server app is running on your PC and tap "Auto Connect". It tries to connect to your PC automatically.

Or you can use the "Manual Connection" screen. It will ask you the local IP of your PC, so it will communicate through your PC by this local IP. Your local IP address is displayed on the Cool Photo Transfer Server app's main screen.

for Android:

for Windows Phone:

for Android:

When the connection established, you can select a new photo from your gallery app. Tap the photo you want to transfer and this will get you to the Transfer Screen.

for Windows Phone:

When the connection established, you can transfer the current displayed photo or select a new album from your media library.

You can scroll through the photo list to see the photos in the current selected album.


On the Transfer Screen, just hold your finger over the photo and slide it to any side and there it is!

Q: How to transfer a photo?

for Android:

First select the photo you want to transfer bypressing the "Select new photo" button

After you selected the photo, Cool Photo Transfer app will display the photo on the main photo area and the next and previous photos in the current album on the bottom. You can select any of these photos by tapping any of them.

Now you have two choices: Transfer Mode or Quick Transfer Mode.

for Windows Phone:

When you start the app for the very first time, the app will display the Sample Album (or if not found any other album) in your media library. The list at the bottom is the photos list in the current album. You can swipe right/left to see and select the other photos in the current album. You can tap the "Select new album" button to select another album from your media library.

common for Android and Windows Phone:

In Transfer Mode, you have a choice to select the next and previous photos in the current album. But in Quick Transfer Mode, whenever you've transferred a photo, the next photo in the album will be selected automatically and will be ready to transfer. Quick Transfer Mode might be used for quickly transfer the photos in an album in a row.

In both modes, you can transfer photos by using various options:

  • Swipe: Hold the photo and move it to any of the four edges (right/left/top/bottom). You need to move it until the blue indicator appears.
  • Touch to monitor: You can touch your phone (actually phone's proximity/light sensor) to the monitor from any of the three sides (right/left/top). All the sides triggers different transfer events, so you can assign different transfer animations for each of them.
    The important thing to trigger this transfer events is to rotate the phone appropriately.

    *This transfer option needs proximity and accelerometer sensors and currently not available for Windows Phone.

  • Shake phone: Shake your phone three times
  • Magic hand: Just move your hand over the proximity sensor (current not available for Windows Phone)
  • Finger snap: Snap your finger.
    *Be sure that "Transfer by voice" is enabled
  • Hand clap: Clap your hands.
    *Be sure that "Transfer by voice" is enabled
  • Whistle: Just whistle.
    *Be sure that "Transfer by voice" is enabled
  • Pinch in: Move your two fingers towards each other on the main photo area
  • Stretch: Move your two fingers away from each other on the main photo area
Q: How to change transfer animations?

You can set different animations for each transfer options.

To change the animation for a transfer option, please go to the Settings window of the Cool Photo Transfer Server app and open the "Animations" section. There you will see a list of transfer methods and animations assigned to these transfers. Just select another animation from the combobox as shown below:

Q: How to control the transferred photo?

To control the photos you've transferred, just go to the Control Mode tab.

In Control Mode, all the photos you've transferred in a session will be displayed. You can scroll through the list to see the photos and tap any photo to select it. When you select a photo on the phone app, the same photo on the PC will also be selected and displayed.

To zoom in/out to the photo, you can pinch in / stretch the selected photo with your two fingers. Or you can use the Zoom bar at the bottom of the screen.

To rotate the photo, just rotate your phone right or left. It will rotate the photo by 90 degree angles.

Also, you can tap the "Save photo to PC" button to save the currently displaying photo to the PC. Please note that a transferred photo is not necesserraly saved unless you've selected a save option from the server app. If you've specified the save option as "Auto Save" (from the server app), all the transferred photos will be immediately saved to the PC.

Q: Why can't connect to PC?
  • Make sure your phone's WiFi is on.
  • Make sure your phone and your computer is connected to the same network (same internet connection).
  • If the Auto Connect fails, try "Manual Connect"
  • (If you're trying to connect manually)Make sure you entered the correct local IP Address and Port number into your phone app. The local IP Address of your computer is displayed in the main window of Cool Photo Transfer Server application. The port numbers are on the settings screens of both apps.
  • If you have more than one network connection on your computer, the server app will display all the local IPs. Please try another one if the one you've tried didn't work.
  • Make sure you set your firewall to allow Cool Photo Transfer Server app to communicate and use the port.
Q: Why does it recognize other sounds as hand clap or whistle?
Sometimes sound recognition engine might recognize another sound as a hand clap or whistle. These kind of errors might occur especially in a noisy environment. Even though we try our best to minimize these errors, you can always enable/disable the sound recognizing option by "Transfer by voice" button in either Transfer screen or Quick Transfer screen to overcome this issue. So it may be better to disable the "Transfer by voice" option when you don't need to use this feature.
Q: Why my transferred photo's size reduced?
Unless you've enabled the "Optimize photo" option from the settings of the phone app, the photos will be transferred with original sizes. But if you enable the "Optimize photo" option, the photos' sizes will be reduced (at most 800x600 pixels for Android and 1280 pixels in width for Windows Phone) in order to transfer the photo faster.
Q: Why does it add a watermark text to the transferred photo?
Only the free version adds a watermark text ("Cool Photo Trasnsfer free version") to the transferred photo. This is a limitation of the free version. Paid version doesn't modify the transferred photo in any way.
Q: Transfers slowly?
In some situations, photo transfer speed may reduce:
  • Poor WiFi network connection
  • Poor WiFi router performance
Q: Server app won't install?
Cool Photo Transfer server app needs your computer running one of the operating systems below:
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or higher

Also .NET Framework 4.0 or higher needed to be installed on your system. You can install the .NET Framework here.